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Any feedback on Winchester XPC?


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I’m considering getting my first bolt action precision rifle, and while I appreciate some of the high end rifles out there, I don’t think I can justify spending 3-5k on a rifle as a beginner. I’m noticing more production precision rifles entering the market. I personally don’t have any experience with custom rifle using certain actions with certain chassis, etc. so my thought process was to go with a complete rifle that performs well right out of the box. I realize Remington 700 is a petty common platform but based on my limited research I would be interested in a controled feed/action. I happen to come across the Winchester XPC which appears to be a new entry to the market, and I am curious if anybody out there has any experience with this particular rifle and what type of feedback I might get. I’m also curious how this rifle is configured from factory, or if it would need to undergo certain upgrades. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Since being introduced at the Shot Show in 2017, there are plenty of reviews online. Sportsman's Warehouse selling them for a little over $1400...


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In this day and age anyone of the Big name manufactures put out a competent product.

Since this is your first foray into precision an i were you, id go with what ever fits your budget an invest more in your scope and training.

If i had to do it all over again i would have gone custom. Too many to list an too much info out there to not. It would have saved me a lot of time and wanting(aggrevation). “Cry once buy once” especially in the precision rifle world.