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Anyone Ever Had A Miroku Revolver?

Will be picking one up from my recent GB "win". It's a Liberty Chief model snub nose 38 special. They were used by the police forces in Japan. This one was made in 1960.


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This thread would be much better if you could include pictures.
I am not familiar with this gun, and I would like to know more.
Thanks for the replies! I'll keep you in mind B-O-H-I-C-A. I love the fact that it is an oddity. I love life's oddities: my last hot rod was a '65 Rambler American 2 dr hdtp with a 350 Chevy under the hood. I love the history of the Miroku revolver. Every once in awhile you see one on GB or Gunsamerica. Historians remark at the SW/Colt similarities but it is a Japanese original.