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Appendix carry holster recommendations


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Looking for some advice for appendix carry holsters for our HOT weather
Must haves
Be super comfortable,
Be able to be worn with shorts
No chaffing against the skin (as no undershirt is worn)
sweat guard of some type
Body shape skinny/average
price is not an issue, extra mag option is a plus, for a sig 938 and P365


Obsessed Member
Ive used the stow and go daily for the past 7 years with no complaints, they also make a "summer" version that looks similar if you like carrying at an angle




Appendix carry will never be ‘comfortable’. You just get used to it. Dismiss the soft flimsy holsters. Wearing it appendix, get a kydex rig with a wing or claw. T.Rex Raptor, Tier 1 concealed, QVO Tactical, Holster Co.


The Perfectionist
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Like Clint Smith said years ago, carrying a gun isn’t comfortable. I pocket carry most of the time during the summer. 43x with shield arms magazine gives me as much ammo as a G19.

Appendix for me is either T1 or Phlster.


New member
For extra comfort, you might also consider a comfort pad. This attaches to the back of your holster and sits between that and your gut/stomach/etc.

This makes appendix carry more comfortable and helps keep the grip dryer since it’s your not getting your sweat all over it.

I would not ever feel safe using the actual sticky holster itself, but the pad they sell for kydex holsters does really help with adding comfort.

A couple of things to think about though; it does add a bit of extra bulk since it’s another layer between you and your gun; and it uses Velcro and sticky dots to stay attached, so definitely practice drawing a bunch of times first to make sure there is no movement and it stays stuck on.