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AR in 7.62x39


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Pros & Cons of a AR in 7.62 x 39

Is it worth it, since I already have a 300 blackout. I already have two AK's as well

I'm thinking one of the biggest cons is magazines and their availability since standard AR magazines don't work with the caliber.


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I built one years back. I used an AA pistol length piston on a 8in barrel. Biggest issue I had was getting the gas port sized right to work with a piston. I'd think a DI would be mush simpler. For the barrel extension star chamber I dremeled it open to make it was almost a single middle feed ramp. For mags I just removed a tad bit of material off the front so the lip of the case wouldn't snag, and upgraded the springs to a heavier rate to compensate for steel cases and 123g pills. Can't remember if they were AR specific spring or AK mage springs. Couple trips to the range, few tweaks here and there and she ran fine. Not sure if any of that info will help ya, but I like to tinker so it was a fun build.


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Was thinking about doing this for a while. With the shortages now, I stopped. Didn’t want to move into a new caliber at this time.

it would seem that the ammo is cheaper than 556, slightly. Even in good times, and even now.

a folks say the round is good for short and medium range shooting, roughly equal to 3030. Good for deer and hogs, from the practical perspective.

if things get back to normal… or near normal…
I made one with a completed upper from Radical (I think). It taught me not to put the hammer spring in backwards:p.

It is probably my favorite AR to shoot. I have magazines from three different manufacturers and they all seem to work fine. The availability can be spotty, and they do cost more than a $9 .556 AR mag, say about 2X that.

Since I have 3 other firearms in that caliber, I have stocked up on ammo previous to the current situation. I do find it interesting that 7.62X39 seems to have been the first caliber to become readily available, and the price at $.35 per round is only about 2X what it used to be, whereas everything else I shoot is still 3X what it used to be. Not sure what that means.


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If you are just looking to buy or assemble an upper to put on an existing lower, it is a relatively cheap way to get one running. I've had hit or miss luck with various mags 'made' for 7.62x39 (ASC, CProducts, and a few others). Best luck I've had was with CPD 20rd x39 mags, loaded to 18 or 19. That is, of course, anecdotal. Others have reported no problems getting dedicated x39 higher-cap mags running. YMMV.

Another option is something like the KS47 (or the CMMG). AR format, but takes AK mags. I assembled a Gen1 from parts years back. Did the over-insertion mod for the magazine tilt issue (Gen2 do not have this issue). Runs like a top.