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Are Henry .22's any good?


Don't Give Up Your Guns
IMHO Henry is a decent rifle. I've owned a Golden Boy in .22LR for many years with zero problems. It's accurate as well based on my skill level. They're getting kind of pricey nowadays but if you keep your eyes open you can run across some decent deals from Sportsmans, Cabelas, etc.
Can't say about the .22, but the .30-.30 I got late last year is a quality rifle. Made in America too.
I plan on getting a Henry .22 Magnum soon.


Born and Raised In Vegas
Purchased an octagon barrel 22lever rifle I plan to pass down to my daughter.It'll shoot 22lr,22 long, and 22 short. And remember you don't have to worry about malfunctions or using high velocity ammo as you don't have to worry about jams. Go for it, you won't regret it.


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I, too, purchased a Henry Octagon in 22 LR. Added a set of Skinner Peep sights. P.S. Skinner customer support is fantastic. I watched the Hickok45 YouTube video before I purchased the Henry. Have yet to shoot it but very soon!


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Ole Groping Joe bought me a new Evil Roy. Took it out last week and enjoyed every minute. Great little plinker.



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Bought my grandson a .22 lever. Ear to ear grin every time he chambers that 1st round. His TV favorite is Lucas McCain. RIP Chuck, and Johnny.


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I have a Golden Boy 22 you could buy to find out.

They are pretty sweet. I bought this to shoot a match and after 2 matches I got bored.