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ASA Press Release: ATF eForm 4 'Imminent'


Just a Civy.
ATF's servers must of crashed. Can't count out hackers writing malicious bots to overwhelm the servers/create fake logins and such.


not so n00b
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Got this email yesterday in case you did not get one or missed it:

Dear eForms Users,

At this time, we find it necessary to make everyone aware of some problems many of you are experiencing with ATF’s shift of all licensing applications to cloud services to include the eForms application. We are working on all reported issues around the clock to ensure they are fixed as quickly as possible. The failing infrastructure of the original legacy eForms system required us to move to this new environment as expeditiously as possible. We are sorry that you have been experiencing problems as a result. There will be continuous fine tuning to ensure all applications are working in sync.

Unfortunately, anomalies still exist with registration, login, and other areas in the application, and we are triaging those issues in real time. The development team is actively working to improve your ability to access your accounts and to perform all functions in eForms quickly and reliably. Despite internal and industry testing these anomalies have still surfaced after launch. You should be seeing significant improvements in the coming hours and days. Once basic performance is stabilized beyond an acceptable level, we have several planned tasks to add and improve features over the coming months.

We apologize for any current problems that you are experiencing and are taking them very seriously. This new eForms is built to evolve rapidly and continuously. ATF has the support team in place to keep pushing improvements until eForms smoothly delivers the services needed by all users.

Mason B. McDaniel

Chief Technology Officer

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, & Explosives (ATF)


Geth Prime
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Now why did it take until this afternoon for me to get that same email message? Gotta' love .gov. Even email gets stuck in a bureaucracy...