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Best barrel option these days?

Hello gents!

I bought one of the MPi kits back in the day, mostly matching, but never bought a barrel for it. Now, I know the odds are unlikely I'll ever luck across an actual DDR barrel so what would the next best alternative be? I know US barrels tended to be avoided back then and Romy barrels seemed to be the way to go, but I'm pretty out of date as to what's even available now! Any insight would be appreciated!


Forum Supporter
If you're going to build an EG MPi, I'd go with the Polish AKM bbl's that are sometimes available thru Arms of America.

I just bought 2 AKM profiled Polish bbl's and had them cut the threads in March. These were done at the Radom factory in Poland, then they'll ship to AoA, then to you. This is about a 2-3 week process. The muzzle thread cut is a $25 option, IIRC. All in all it was about $190 out the door for each bbl.

They are done very well and the bluing on them is outstanding. If AoA doesn't have them available at this time, give them a call to find out when their next batch will be.

*edit - according to the site, they'll be available again in May.