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Best way to tell how much an AK is worth?


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Looking to see how much this AK is worth. Shoots well with a smooth trigger. Saiga 7.62x39. Stamp says “Russian American Armory”. 283A81A1-5007-48E7-A4F3-ABC2F2F7F90E.jpeg


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Be a registered user and log in to GunBroker.com. Then you can use the Advanced Search tab and search completed auctions to see what similar rifles have actually sold for. Ignore asking prices and auctions that didn't sell.

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Off the top of my head without more info and better pics, $1500 if selling locally. Perhaps more if on a national forum like gunbroker, but the additional hassles and risks of dealing with an out of state buyer and shipping to an FFL, and losing a cut to GB, etc.


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Go check Gunbroker as previously recommended.

That looks like one of the IZ-132Ls that Classic Firearms was selling "pre converted" by RAA near the end of the Saiga import run.

Also looks like a California mag release.
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