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BRPC Lead Reclamation

To all Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club valued members and guests
Starting Monday 6-13-2021 crews will begin working on removing lead from the back berms.
We understand that this may cause some distractions for you, as we will have up to 3 bays closed at a time.
This is to ensure the safety of the crews doing the work.
If by chance you are asked to move, please do so.
The plan is to start on the courtesy range 25-yard bays first and work their way across towards the 200-yard bays.
Then they will work their way up to the members bays.
The shotgun field will also be done during this time frame.
They will be working from 7am to 5pm Monday thru Friday.
They are hoping to complete 4 to 6 bays a day, and completing the entire range in around 2 weeks.

Thank you for your understanding.
If there are any issues that come arise, please call, text or E-Mail me.
Dale Tweedy
Chief Range Master and Safety Officer
Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club
702 807-7035

Thank You


LEGEN...wait for it... DARY!
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Hopefully this is because the range is SELLING the lead and making a huge profit on this. It would be total BS if we are paying for this "service."
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