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Bullpup Tavor 7 - Foregrip Stuck


Obsessed Member
I'm not sure if this is the right spot or not...

I recently bought a new IWI Tavor 7 SAR 7.62x51

I ordered up some upgrades from their web store including a vertical grip, rail and the operators manual says to remove foregrip push down square button on center of foregrip & hold while pulling towards the muzzle.

I can't get the damm thing to budge at all, the button does not depress for nothing.

Tried googling and could find nobody having related issues and the foregrip related videos i did find basically omit the removal step.

So if anybody has run into this issue with the Tavor 7 please advise if you found a solution.

thanks in advance.


Obsessed Member
i figured it out... it's not a push in button per se, it's a rocker button, you push in on the left side only of the button, hold and slide it off towards the muzzle. It works and comes off easy now that i figured out that missing subtle detail.
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