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Commercial Affiliates


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Added the Affiliates section today:
Update 1/10/19 - Moved listing above the Commercial Sponsors section of the forum:

This will very slowly be filled up with businesses that many of us already shop with, and updated when more or added. The forum does get a small kick back when the links are used to generate sales. So, if you are already going to shop at places like Palmetto or Brownells, if you'd be so kind as to click the link from here when placing your order, it would be appreciated.

Here is the current list as of 4/5/2019:


Aero Precision:

Ballistic Advantage:



Creedmoor Sports:

Crossbreed Holsters:


Faxon Firearms:

JM4 Tactical:

Lone Wolf Distributors:

Palmetto State Armory:

Relentless Tactical:


Sportsman's Guide:

Stag Arms:

We The People Holsters (a Nevada business!):
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Maybe you guys can email or approach SGAmmo.com about becoming an affiliate?

BEST online ammo seller I have dealt with.

Best prices, and very reasonable shipping (they are in Oklahoma.

The owner, Sam Gabbert, is a straight shooter. He never price gouged during the panics.


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I never knew clicking the link from here would support the forum. I'll be sure to do that in the future. Thanks!


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Created Affiliates Sales & Deals as a subforum of the Trading Post:

Affiliate Sales & Deals

Remember, if you make a purchase from any of the links, Nevada Shooters gets a small, very small, commission on the sale. This month these commissions have paid for more than a month of the forum hosting fee! Thank you forum members!!


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List updated.

When you click these links to the retailer, any purchase made contributes to this forum and doesn't cost you anything.

Thank you for your support!