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DA/SA Full Size Recommendations?

Valkyrie Combat

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I'm in the market for a full size DA/SA pistol. I want a DA/SA mainly for dry fire drills with my MantisX + laser cartridge for shooting multiple targets quickly, but I also plan to use it for Steel Challenge and maybe IDPA or USPSA.

So far I'm looking at the Beretta 92FS, the Beretta PX4 Storm, the Sig P226, and the FN FNX-9. Which of these gets your vote and why? Are there any other guns that aren't on my radar that you'd suggest? I'm staying away from CZs since I've owned them in the past and ended up selling them.
I have personal experience with the Beretta and Sig pistols ,the sig offers more options for improving the trigger as DA/SA can be a challenge to master, 226 with good sights a lighter hammer spring and SRT trigger would be ideal.


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As Valkyrie Combat says, I'd go with the SIG. I've worked on both (hobby gunsmith - no outside work), SIG's Classic P-series can be tuned to perfection to make even a trigger snob smile.

The pic below shows a "cam" I made at the end of the hammer pivot pin. This removes take up or slack in the DA pull (at rest trigger bar is moved forward to bring the trigger back for no wasted motion, also enlarges the open area in the trigger guard for gloved hands etc. (pre-travel adjustable triggers do the same - with less work, but weren't available at the time).

Bottom line, the Classic-P can have an 8 lb DA pull while keeping primer ignition reliable, that's smooth with no staging, and a SA pull as low as you'd like down to what many competitive shooters like, between 2 to 3 lbs.



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I'm so 1911, I hesitate to have a favorite DA. Several are in my collection and I use them when training others who carry them. Each has features I like.

Some of my collection that I can think of immediately are:
Sig P6
Beretta 92S
Beretta 92FS
Beretta Cougar
S&W 4006
S&W 4506
Walther P38
CZ 75B

BUT, I think if 1911s did not exist, I'd have been carrying a Sig P220 my whole life.


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I love my PX4 Storm. Don't know why it doesn't get more positive responses. Grip just feels right. It's also a tack driver for me. Wowed my CCW class with it. Shot better than anyone else.

I wanted to like the 92, but the grip is just too big for my hands.


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For traditional double action pistols there is Beretta, Sig, and Heckler & Koch. All must be decock-only variants. All 3 brands have good service after the sale. All are thoroughly vetted by years of hard use. For now, there is not much out there because the TDA design has become a niche market. The Gospel of the Glock holds sway over the realm.