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Duty/Over belt recommendation


Im wondering if somebody can recommend me a duty/over belt? Preferably something with a clip so it comes off easy?

I do unarmed security so it would just be for holding work essentials, flashlights, radio, cuffs, baton,maybe even a small med bag? Or if anybody can recommend me some stores in town to look at?

Would also like to look for a belt to carry OWB while at the dessert.

Thanks in advanced


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Spartan , Ventura and Precision Armory show as KORE dealers on the KORE page.

I have been wearing a Kore belt as EDC for a year now , no issues , and I wear a P10C with TRL7a and Holosun 507K appendix carry 14-18 hours a day.
It is still as sturdy as the day I got it.
I checked out the site and there are a ton listed with different materials, styles, etc. is there a specific model you recommend over another?