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Form 1 Efile wait times


not so n00b
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Mine finally got approved at 189 days. Just took me coming on the forum and whining about it apparently 😂. However, I have three cans that I sent form 4s out for in January, and all is still quiet on that front.
My last form 4 took nine months while my form 1-s been running 3-4 weeks - still trying to figure out why there is such a difference between the two - forms aren't that much different and obviously prints and passport type photo the same as well as the 200.00 credit card ding.
Well, I have confirmation the prints made it to the ATF on 9/7. No update since then. Kerri Hinzman sent me the FAQ email but I haven't seen the prints submission email yet.

Color me surprised.... At 0513 this morning I got an email. My Form 1 was approved!
Date Submitted 08/31
Finger Prints received 09/7
Tax Stamp Approved 09/19

20 Days From start to finish.

No to visit the guys at LV Laser Engraving...


LEGEN...wait for it... DARY!
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FYI. you COULD have had it engraved at any time pending the rest of the process. You just can't manufacture the NFA configuration until after you have the stamp.
Yeah… after putting together an actual rifle and realizing how loud my 10.5” is I see a suppressor in my future… for my kids sake… See that’s the angle I’m gonna take with the wife “the kids hearing protection is very important to me so we (cough cough I ) should get a suppressor”

If only they would approve those in 20 days…
Thanks for everyone’s help and insight. Especially from @Janizary


Geth Prime
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Yeah… after putting together an actual rifle and realizing how loud my 10.5” is I see a suppressor in my future…
If you find it too loud, you can look into something like a Flaming Pig, or even a simple KAK flash can. They do a good job of directing sound down range, getting some of those extra decibels away from you and those right next to you.

That said, bit the bullet and get a can. You will not regret it. :)

In the meantime, let me know if you want to test a basic KAK flash can. You can borrow one of mine if you like.