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Glock 40 to 9 conversion

I have a glock 23 and want to convert it to 9mm. I have been looking on the internet and it seems that just a barrel conversion is all that is required. Looking for advise and tips from anyone that has done this. I am looking at the Lone wolf 40 to 9 conversion barrel.
Thanks for the help and advise.
Yes, a barrel swap is really the minimum requirement. You can even use the .40 magazines with 9mm, although the possibility for misfeeds is there so I'd only do that for range use and not for carry. I've used several of the "cheap" conversion barrels from AIM Surplus, SGM Tactical, and Double Diamond (GlockStore brand, the same manufacturer as Lone Wolf). They all work great. They're a little hard to find currently because of how popular the P80s and 3D printed Glock-design guns are recently, though.

If you want a really no-kidding inexpensive 9mm conversion barrel for a G23, try a Smith and Wesson SW9VE barrel.
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My G35 I have a kkm 40 to 9 and another threaded 40 to 9 for my compensator for major loads.

Some people have issues with ejectors and replace with a 9mm but try first. I didn't even need to buy 9mm mags, 40 mags and ejector and it runs well