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Gold AK47


Firearms Instructor
Years ago I dealt with a Cartel Boss who was oh so proud of his gold plated matched set of AK-47 and a Colt 1911. I never saw him shoot them, but one of his guys told me he had dumped a couple of competitors with them.


Active member
I'm planning to do a gold/titanium nitride plated AK build, primarily because I am a jackass. All of my guns are black right now but gold guns matter too so where is the best place to start? Are there any cool models I should look at?
One of those ebay specials 60 dollars gold plating kit and the gold paste not the liquid. Bit scary plugging the device in only had one spot on muzzle not hold well 24k plated ruger 380 with sweet pea trig and 10 round extendo for better grip and them extra rounds. . summer wear normally

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