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I put it in quotes because of NYECO, he is a GUNSMITH, I am just his young "apprentice". So that is why I don"t call myself a real gunsmith, now my manager on the other hand, he does.

I do some cerakote, limited to about 24 inches, and don't do designs.
Manager loves to give me guns to clean, so that is a lot of what I work on.
Handgun sight installs $25.
Repair and swap parts on ARs, removed a few bullets from barrels, just got a Hi Power to cycle correctly...
Prices depends on the situation and how much is involved.
If you have anything that you need done just ask and I can let you know if we can help.


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For a ham handed, cross eyed, just recently discovered he has opposable thumbs, fell off the turnip truck yesterday epileptic monkey, the kid ain't the worst apprentice I've ever had....:eek::p:ROFLMAO:(y)

And he can always ask me how to cover up the mistakes he makes on anyone's $100,000, one of a kind, made in 1637-1/3, Shutzengruber Grindelflex Hummingbird rifle.

If anyone ever develops a form of Bondo that will take cold blue, why, his work will look fantastic!:p:ROFLMAO:

I'm just jerking his chain guys, he isn't bad at all, he takes his time, looks it over, proceeds carefully, he really does turn out some damn fine work.

I suspect if he were working in a shop with me as my other apprentices did, he'd be running the place by now.

That is if he weren't mooning over my grand niece or any of the other single females in my family, or trying to stay out of Attack Cat's way...

Give him a try, I give you a money back guarantee..............his money,,,,my guarantee that he will want it back! :LOL: