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How the hell did this happen.


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I have a Cooper Montana Varmint in .223 that puts a bullet on a bullet at 200 yards. It's a single shot, but an awesome one (with can) and very not for sale (target was shot during barrel breakin / sighting in. Stopped at three rounds as that's what I was using to adjust scope and I figured I'd screw it up if I shot again. I threaded the barrel and added the can.



Dr. Marneaus

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Mostly under 100m for now .... Maybe more later
Gonna have to hit up Sportsman's & Willey Brothers and see what's available.
I’m a fan of practical stuff. Love my ruger gunsite scout. Took my antelope with it and it’s one of my go to back country travel rifles. It’ll do fine out to a few hundred yards and it’s a handy format that is useful for more than just hunting or more than just long range. Has great iron sights and is capable of running either a standard or long eye relief scope. It’s a great jack of all trades master of none. Similar to a ranch rifle.

It is NOT an ideal close combat rifle.
It is NOT an ideal long range rifle.
It IS a reliable proven action.
It IS a major caliber.
It IS capable of pretty much anything you’d ask it to do from 50-300+ yards.
It IS equipped with a threaded barrel, detachable mag, detachable bottom metal, removable scope rail, etc. that makes it pretty modifiable.

but Mac is right you should pick up one of those 1903’s if one is available :)


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Ps ... Does any one else have issuses with backspacing or next line enter button on mobile ? It gets old having to wait for text ock to come back or accidently clicking on ad. When dont notice text block disappears. After i back space. And only lets me once .. Happend most of the time. Only seems to work right some times.

Yes, I do as well, not all the time.
Only on mobile it seems


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I have a Cooper Montana Varmint in .223 that puts a bullet on a bullet at 200 yards. It's a single shot, but an awesome one (with can)
Sweet rifle, Bumper. That is exactly the type setup that I'd love shooting at my 'Sunrise' range mornings. :)
I have Rugers in both 7.62X39 and .223, threaded barrels. Both kinda added to the stable due to the ready available ammo stash I have. The .223 Predator also can use my ready stash of magazines.
I have a Browning X-bolt Pro in 6.5 PRC. I HAD a RUGER American Predator (photo in my avatar) in 6.5 CM but sold it after I lost 2 cartridges while hunting BECAUSE THE DAMN THING HAD NO BOLT LOCK! Great shooter and I even put a Timney trigger in it and a Boyd's Classic laminated stock but RUGER was too cheap to add a bolt lock. SHAME RUGER, damn shame.
My Browning X-Bolt has an excellent bolt lock.
Bolt guns are classic and therefore need to be blue and walnut. My only bolt gun I still own was a grail gun for me. A left hand German Weatherby MKV. Wanted one since the 60s. Visited Weatherby many times - built a 09 Mauser to take the 300. By the time I could afford one in 1973 they had moved the manufacture to Japan. In 1982 I was in Pachmayer in LA and there on the consignment shelf was a brand new still with the tags on it LH 300 German made Weatherby 3-9 scope and hard case. I almost hurt myself whipping out the checkbook to write that $550 check.