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Hunters: enjoy!!! But don’t do the math


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like lots of folks, it’s almost hunting season, and I am getting ready. Been soooo many years since I did a dove hunt and I am gonna try next weekend. But I am doing math… I stopped. Had to.

just getting out is going to be it’s own reward this year.

2019. my number 2 best hunting buddy died, after almost 2 decades of serious heart issues. he was 59. died the first time when he was around 40, right in the emergency entrance of a hospital. he was an ambulance driver and had just dropped a patient off. And several other deaths, saved by implant shocker, and other close calls. I last hunted with him in the summer of 2017. Looking for pigs in a swamp and drainage area. Spent the whole day talking, from 5am to 6pm. Jabbering away. It was a great day, and last hunt.

last NYE, 2020, I got the call my number one hunting buddy of almost 30 years passed. Had battled cancer for over 5 years. Went in for treatment. Caught rona. my last hunt with him was nov 2019. About a month before mutuel friend number 2 passed. We fished, hunted, partied, and ate some good meals over the years. My buddy dropped a doe on the marsh on one our last hunts together. It was a great season. It may have been his last deer, his last with me Around for sure.

so, the most important thing is just to enjoy this year, even if it’s only one hunt. its not about anything except thinking about old friends.

lord knows, the way I shoot, 5 boxes of shot ain’t hardly going to net out 10 dove. If I see that many. found some old camo, light dove season stuff today, got HIP, and printed my license. Just need to check that the shotgun has a plug installed. And get the full and mod chokes ready. get some portable food and drink ready for next weekend.

best season wishes to all of you. Fill the tags and bags. Those (hopefully) 10 jalapeño bacon dove breast’s will be good too!