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Im a weak person and i can't help it.


Adjusting to the west!
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ya shot pretty well with a stiff breeze most of the day.

don’t get much better n at.

good to meet you guys.

Update: The new Browning performed most excellente. Wish I could say the same for myself. Good day overall shooting with friends on the LSSP at CCSC. I recon I'll be hanging on to it for awhile.


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I just need to slow down. When I'm on the line I feel like I need to hit the target as quickly as possible. That's when I make mistakes. I just should shoot more .
Went to a local gun shop yesterday to do a transaction upon where I sold my Citori to a great NS member. While I was there my temptation overwhelmed me and I purchased a new Browning Citori CXT.
I need serious help. Lol

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I wish i could afford one of these. But being a senior on limited income. I will have to wait. A 12 gauge dbl or pump would be excellent. I have managed to save $200.00 for one new or used.