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Ithaca model 37 jamming issue

I have a jamming issue I have not seen before on a Ithaca model 37. The gun will shoot and eject the empty shell but when trying to chamber the next round the shell gets caught between the loading forks. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thanks


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If the carrier (loading forks you called it) is not damaged, then the most likely suspects are the magazine spring, or the shell stop spring or the shell stop itself is worn or binding.

If the carrier is undamaged, then it is a timing issue, the next shell from the magazine is getting to the carrier at the wrong time, and this can be caused by a dragging, worn or dirty shell stop, it's spring, or the magazine spring.

The mag spring is usually the cause, particularly if it is the original to the gun and the gun has a lot of rounds through it.

Of course this all presumes you are not working the action "gently", but are working it "BRISKLY" the way it was designed to be worked, and not short shucking the action, and lastly, feeding the shells ALL the way into the magazine when loading it.