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K31 and other Swiss C&R Appreciation Thread


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And for anyone who might not have heard, Swiss Products has - after a long struggle - come through with their left hand conversion. I ordered one, hope to get my new-to-me K31 out to the range soon.

Bob R

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I can't believe Pierre is still doing this. I remember back when he did little things here and there for the Swiss rifles. This is pretty impressive. I stopped by a time or two in Kalispell back in 2005ish to talk with him. I am glad to see he is still doing this stuff.



mr practicality
I have a ton of fun with my k31 with the cast boolits. 160gr No gas check and a small tight group charge is good out to 100yds. 160gr and Gas check and a powder in the rl7 range good out to 300yds. Tons of fun and no recoil.

Bob R

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Here are a few Swiss things I am sure most of us have except for maybe the front sight adjuster. It is marked for use on the K11 and the K31. It is amazing some of the stuff we accumulate to go with our firearms.



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Old necro thread revival, I know.

I've always had an affinity to the K-11 & K-31 but it's the ammo cost prohibitive that killed this facet of my milsurp collection. They are well engineered rifles for sure.
The newest addition for the 1911 (G 11) and K11 rifles.
Similar to the K 31 bipod adapter, but this one works hand-in-hand with the 1911 clamp on scope mount for the G 11 series rifles.

g11bp1.jpg gp11bp3.jpg 1911bp2.jpg