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Las Vegas Desert Sportsman's ELR22 Rumble


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**This is an ELR22 rimfire shooting match. The course of fire will consist of engaging 12" steel plates from 200 to over 500 yards. This match is developed in conjunction with ELR Central guidelines. While following ELR Central guidelines competitors will have opportunity to set World Records.
Continental style breakfast and lunch will be provided for competitors. Food for additional guests not competing $15.
Cost: $60 per participant thru PayPal. Maximum of 40 competitors for this event. Registration will be closed upon receipt of 40 registrations with fee or January 1st, 2019.
**Request registration and payment information at dsprecisionrifle@gmail.com
*You will not be added to the Match Roster until both your Registration and fees are recieved.

Check in for more information at: Vegas ELR22 Rumble