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LR Spot

Didn't know where to put this so if it needs to be moved so be it.'

I see someone did a cleanup at the LR spot. Thank you to whoever it was but>>>>>>>>>did you HAVE to remove ALL the yardage markers??? It took some time, effort & money to stake that out.

Come on Bob use that fancy reticle of yours ( I kid I kid). The mint 400 was out there, that's Pit A. The week before there was a cleanup but I don't know if they went that far south. Notice how sometimes it's nice and graded? Off-road race.


Worktruck Driver
The man speaks the truth... and of course, if you only shoot all the way back to the trail, you don't to worry about how far, 1100!
Well I didn;t want to name names but yes it was Mint. Too bad they didn't do the road in. There's some 3 foot deep holes & the thing is like driving over railroad ties!!