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Model 19-4

I have a 4 inch 19-4. It’s a sweet little gun that’s easy to carry. My big surprise was that a gun that light shooting .357 isn’t painful. I’m used to .357 from a heavy framed Colt and wasn’t too sure what to expect from the little gun.


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I love my 19-4 2.5” bbl. I bought it used about 1992. There was a problem with the gun when fired double-action. The rebound slide was binding on the trigger when the trigger returned. A few thousands off of the rebound slide solved that problem. I chronographed Winchester 146 gr. Silvertips at 1279 FPS. It shoots point of aim to 75 yards. I remember putting six shots into a six-inch group at 75 yards many years ago when I had eyes an eagle would envy.
Until 1999, when I acquired my S&W 337, it was my daily carry.

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