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My .224 Valkyrie build


Resident .22 Addict
Being impressed with the .224 cartridge I went ahead and built a custom rig to compliment my 6.5 rifle. CBC and PSA offer some good sub $500 kits if you are interested in building a basic one to try out. Hoping to start working up some loads here soon.

Build list:
Christensen Arms CA15 Matched lower set
Ballistic Advantage 22” 1:7 twist Premium fluted barrel (guaranteed sub moa with match grade)
Ballistic Advantage low pro gas block
Odin atlas 5 adjustable compensator
CMMG rifle length gas tube
Geissele MK8 Modular 15” Handguard
Fail Zero nickel boron BCG
Radian Raptor charging handle
Seekins Precision Mag Catch
Strike industries enhanced ultimate dust cover
CMC 2.5lb match grade trigger
CMC anti-rotation pins
Radian take down pins
Radian Ambi fire selector
Geissele Buffer & Buffer Spring
JP enterprises buffer tube
Luth AR adjustable carbine stock
Odin works mag release
Ergo Tactical FDE grip
Burris high 34mm Xtreme tactical rings
Riton RT-S MOD 7 5-25X56IR Mrad scope








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Is it just me, or is there a lot of curve to that magazine, like an AK mag? What mag is that?


Resident .22 Addict
Update - Shot Submoa 5 round groups with the cheapest federal 224 ammo out there. $12/box Oddly enough, the match grade ammo had 1.5"-2" groups. Pretty please so far. May try handloading and seeing what results I can get.