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Need some help with a stock change

I have an Arsenal SAM7R-66 (Milled receiver). I want to convert / change the stock to a Magpul ACS carbine stock- Mil Spec. I checked with Rifle Dynamics and their adapter doesn't work with milled receivers.

two questions:
1. How can I accomplish this (I did see one You Tube video that cuts the tang off, not my preference)?
2. Who in the Las Vegas area will be able to help me with this once I find the correct adapter?
Thank you for your help
The part you want is called the M4-AK Milled from JMAC. I have the same Arsenal with the adapter and it rocks. You have no choice but to remove the lower tang. I did this by carefully drilling into the 2 rivets until they popped off. It's not a permanent removal and you can re-install the lower tang by installing 2 new rivets. The only local shop I would trust with this job would be M13 Industries. Might be a long wait for a quick job (several months.) If you have a workshop and don't want to risk doing it yourself I can swing by and help out. Link to part is below.