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Never trim .45 brass?


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The only pistol brass I trim is .44 Auto Mag and that's when I make it from .308 win cases the first time. I use a taper crimp on most every thing else, its more forgiving to case length.



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Shot my fair share of bullseye and "leg" matches (Distinguished Rifle and Pistol, President's 100, 2600 Club), and reloaded almost all my practice ammo.

NEVER trimmed .45 ACP cases in a properly headspaced bullseye wad cutter or hardball 1911, and as taught by my mentor......45ACP cases get shorter after every firing which is unlike revolver cartridges. I used once-fired Match brass since I had and endless supply and would keep track of how many times it had been reloaded (batches in separate ammo cans). I did weigh the bullets (200 grain lead SWC) for my 50 yard slow fire since that was the "variation" that effected accuracy the most.

Spent more time trimming/prepping the once-fired rifle casings more than .45 ACP cases. Most of the ammo/brass I had access to had crimped primer pockets that needed swaged, and all rifle brass got the primer flash holes reamed, cases trimmed, and retumbled before loading. There was plenty of prep work initially, but you had better brass than most of the stuff that a shooter could buy.


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they make an aluminum plate that sorts the .380 from the 9mm. It’s a game-changer mostly as your eyes age. If you want to see a pic of it, text me!
I've got a buddy who has some of those, .45, .40, 9mm & 380 sieve sizes. Works OK but still doesn't differentiate between 9mm Parabellum and 9 mm Makarov.


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I haven’t ever trimmed pistol brass. I do put all new to me pistol brass on the bench standing up to sort the first time. Easy to see 380 from 9mm, both of which I load along with .45. After I have brass sorted the first time I mark the head with a green sharpie after loading. That way when I pickup my brass it doesn’t get any strange brass mixed back in. This way I can also keep track of my loading numbers.

Pistol brass lasts a long time especially when loading a 1,000 rounds per batch. I’m on around 25 loads on some 9mm still waiting to see it degrade.
I've also never trimmed handgun brass. Started loading .45acp and .38 Special about 1974. I sort junk or unusable brass while de-capping prior to wet tumbling.

I recently came across some Berdan primed .38 Super brass. Into the recycle can with it.