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New FN 502 Tactical


Firearms Instructor
I haven't had it out to the range yet, but I have a few first impressions from handling it. One, this was designed and built unlike any previous .22LR pistol I have ever had my hands on. It doesn't feel like a .22, I have to keep reminding myself that this isn't in 9mm or .40. It's built like a tank, solid and well thought out. The trigger is great for an out of the box pistol. While not "match" grade, it's crisp and very little slack.

With the proper suppressor and RMR sighting system, and subsonic ammunition, this could be a real lethal combination for up-close and personal encounters. This could be a very quiet removal tool for taking out those pesky sentries in a military special operations scenario.

I'm taking it to the range this week, more on that later...


Born and Raised In Vegas
I figured I might as well start looking for additional hosts for when my cans get out of NFA jail. As of right now my TX22 is my main host, but I’m looking for at least 1-2 more rimfire handguns and right now this 502 and a Mark IV are at the top of that list. I look forward to your range report 👍🏻


Firearms Instructor
I finally got to the range over the weekend. I fired about 300 rounds of Federal Value Pack HP ammo through the 502. Not a single malfunction, and very accurate. I was hitting clay pigeons at about 40 yards at will. I can't wait for my form1 to come back to build a suppressor for it!!