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I happened to stop by a gun shop in Carson City today that was along my route home---I had never been there before and will NOT be going back there again because while I was there I found some CC! 200 and also some CC! 250 Magnum primers in their display case for (GET THIS!) $33.00 for a sleeve of 100 primers. When I saw that, I asked if that was actually the price for a brick of 1000 and was told that "Nope..that is the price as marked and we have been selling them at that".I'm not going to mention the name of the place on this very public forum, but I will NEVER go back in that store for ANYTHING, EVER and I will be steering my friends away from that place, no matter WHAT they are interested in purchasing or what service they are thinking of using. Talk about putting the pork to their customers when they have the chance!! NATCHEZ has them (however, NOT IN STOCK) listed on their site for $46.99 (200s) and $47.49 (250s) for a BRICK OF 1000!! Yeah, I know there is a difference between IN STOCK and NOT IN STOCK, but even at those (kinda high to my mind) prices---do you KINDA see now who is NOT your friend? My last purchase of ammo for the matches I shoot myself, along with another shooter was for 6000 rounds and a VERY reasonable price considering the times we are in now, what with all the weirdness going around (BTW, that was for the both of us...not just ME...and we will shoot that up this season most likely considering how much we shoot in both practice and matches.) You can BET that if I have ANY kind of choice for any particular purchase in the future, I'LL BE GOING WITH the outfit that did NOT RAPE ME!!
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Are we not your friends?
I know that a lot of you are and then there are likely some on this forum (most likely hiding in the bushes with ILL INTENT) with a NOT genuine good intent or belief in the shooting sports. If you think you know who I am, call me and if your name pops up from my contact list, I'll likely answer.
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Yes, you need to "OUT" them! I live near Carson City, and shop gun stores there often, and I don't want to accidentally shop there!....


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Honest question. How much are these worth?


I have a box I picked up at CAL ranch for about $4. Thinking of donating them to the website. Would someone donate $10-15 to the website for them or would that be scalping?
just got 5,000 large rifle mag and large pistol mag. primers for 238.00 x 2 = 476.00 for 10,000 primers plus shipping and hazmat plus bullets from a company in Fla.
Why deal with the stores and humans that will gouge you

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You can BET that if I have ANY kind of choice for any particular purchase in the future, I'LL BE GOING WITH the outfit that did NOT RAPE ME!!
So your claim is that the store RAPED you - forced you to do something against your will?

Bull. They had something that is currently hard to find and expensive, and had it priced according to the current market value.

Sounds like you had the choice of buying them, or not buying them. From your story, there doesn't seem to be any force used against you, or anything non-consensual involved.

Yeah, I know there is a difference between IN STOCK and NOT IN STOCK
Evidently, you don't. You also don't seem to understand concepts like "scarcity" and "supply and demand".

For them to have any primers in stock right now, it's likely that they came from someone's reloading supplies, and not from a distributor, and the store probably paid a premium for them (or they are from the owner's personal supplies - and they need to sell something to keep the shop afloat). I know I'd have to be in a pretty desperate situation to be selling off any of my ammo or primers right now - so I'm guessing the seller/s really need the money.

That said, I'm glad you would never sell a house, stocks, or anything else for more than you paid for it, just because the market value rose, because then you would be a "rapist" yourself. ;)
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Nobody needs to OUT anybody. I don’t like people coming to our community with no history and posting (poop) at ridiculous prices that they are scalping, but I don’t care if a store marks them up 3000%. That’s their prerogative.

I’ve explained in other threads that this is how supply and demand works. If every store was able to raise their prices then we wouldn’t have empty shelves. The fact that the online retailers who are OUT OF STOCK are still selling at original retail price is why you think it’s such an awful thing to see primers at 33 cents each.

If Natchez raised their price to $200 per box, you wouldn’t think the $330 was as bad as it is. You probably wouldn’t buy either, and then they would sit on shelves. People wouldn’t panic buy and opportunity buy just to scalp if there was no money to be made. Then demand would drop, and prices would drop, they’d be higher than normal for a while but there would be availability whoch droves competition which drives the prices back down to normal.

Who cares if a shop is charging what somebody perceives to be to much. As Mac mentioned they are IN STOCK so it doesn’t really matter what Natchez sells them for does it?

Yes. High prices suck. No I would not buy them. But also I wouldn’t write off the store just because they are participating in a free market.

Allllssssooooooooooo you don’t know what he paid for them. Maybe he got screwed and paid 28 per sleeve but his repeat customers asked him to get them some primers no matter what the price?

All I’m sayin is this is literally how it’s supposed to work, and it’s not that big a deal.
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How bout 30? Sell you 100 sleeve of primers for 30 bucks. Not 33 so not gouging rofl


Short cliff notes version :
“ hey, just an FYI, I just want you to know that a store that does have it in stock is massively overcharging for it, while I can’t tell you WHO it is, I suggest you not go to the place I won’t name . Just trying to do my part to not really help others, but make it seem like I am”

Yeah, I understand supply and demand AND economics AND the market, having studied it, lived it and seen a LOT of things go by that were inexcusable...and I also understand that when anyone will buy something for a WWWAAAYY inflated price rather than resisting such things, it causes an artificially inflated market. The CHOICE is to NOT participate in that...just shrug, accept that as "the way it is" and go about your merry way being part of the problem and pointing fingers in every direction except at yourself. Your life, your choice, I guess. Some if us take that kind of price gouging as a lesson that sends us messages to which to refer in the future, not to mention that most of us just don't have stupid money to spend, like some of the lucky amongst us do. Personally, I planned ahead and (a lot of people would claim, got lucky) am NOT going to be in the INFLATED market nor am I going to attempt to justify such price gouging and taking advantage of others like some will do. I might even have to "suffer" a little because of that, I have what are MY PRINCIPLES (right or wrong) and sometimes one does have to suffer for their principles rather than looking the other way---just read some history and LEARN from centuries of horrible stuff that happened along the way.