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Official AK Picture Thread!


Lets keep this thread alive. Here is my other favorite AK, it has become my usual daily carry rifle to and from work this year and easily carried in a backpack. I know it's crazy, but this gun shoots sub MOA at 100yds all day long with 7N6 surplus ammo, and it shoots better than my old eyes can see haha (we crono'ed it at just over 2500fps at the muzzle). I would be happy to go out with anyone who doesn't believe it so you can see for yourself.
It's a truly incredible rifle and I never considered carrying a daily rifle other than an AR until this rifle... :001_cool:



What's up Enoc?!

Romanian PM90

Nice PM90 man, I actually prefer that "donkey dick" hand guard if I'm carry the gun long distance or shooting full auto. Very nice. I'm back in town now. Just building AKs and messing with Glocks haha.

Here's an old pic of my Fullerized WASR. It looks very different today.

I won't believe it until you post a picture of what it looks like now. ;)


gun daddy

Garage Sale King

My Zhukov S stock arrived. Installed. Here are my impressions without having fired it. The rifle is a converted Saiga 223. which is a bastardization and not the historic looking AK, with its Galil magazine, and its unorthodox customized Saiga handguard.

Firstly, installation was easy. Fitment is nice, and it snugs up well, even without the wedge being tightened at first. No gaps in between the stock and receiver. The stock is stout feeling, cheek weld great, and it appears to lock up well. The lock up is better than a push button Romi folder, and equal to a lever folder. The Folding button and latch are plastic, which I think would be better metal. The stock folds easily, and has spring loaded detents that keep the stock folded. The stock is quick to unfold just by pulling the butt end out to open. Like others have reported, when folded the gun is snug to charge, safety obstructed for the most part of its travel, and the trigger partially obstructed, however, you can still fire the gun if you had to.

There is 1 QD attachment point on the left hand side of the stock just forward of the folding latch/push button, and located on the block fixed to the receiver. The QD socket is machined for anti rotation of the QD point, which is nice. The QD sling attach point is a metal block that acts primarily as a QD point, but secondarily, and thirdly as the rear area for the wedge block tension screw and mounting point for the forward trunion screw. I initially believed that the two large holes right and left near the buttpad were also QD points, but they are too large in diameter. The holes appear to house a 6 sided, what looks like a nut, but I am unsure of what purpose these holes serve.

The extended butt is lengthened by pressing a lever, not unusual for this type of stock. The lever is a long affair beneath the stock. The stock has 4 positions of extension. Each has a small amount of downward play, but IMO, not enough to matter. As others have mentioned there is a small click heard when pressing on the toe of the stock. I have not entirely pinned down its origin, and it only relates to aesthetics, and I believe it may be the collapse lock latch moving.

Overall so far, I like the stock, although it is not destined for any other AK I own. It appears at home with my unorthodox looking Saiga bastard, and would look out of place or even unattractive on a traditional AK without the rest of the Zhukov furniture, i.e. the Zhukov handguard.