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Passing of NVFAC President Don Turner


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Nevada Firearms Coalition Announces Passing of NVFAC President Don Turner

Las Vegas – The Nevada Firearms Coalition is saddened to announce Monday the passing of its President, Don Turner, following his long battle with cancer.
Don Turner has been the heart and soul of the Nevada firearms community for many years, and his passing will be felt deeply by many across the state. Through his fierce and tireless dedication to the Second Amendment, Don was critical to restructuring and revitalizing the Nevada Firearms Coalition, and building the programming that was near and dear to his heart.

Under his leadership, the Nevada Firearms Coalition Foundation’s Annie Oakley Women’s Shooting Program has trained and empowered thousands of women to take ownership of their personal safety by increasing their skills and confidence with firearms. Don has also led the NVFAC PAC to include a full-time lobbying presence during the Nevada legislature to make sure the voices and rights of Nevada firearms owners continued to be protected.

Don’s legacy will continue to live on, not just in Las Vegas or Nevada, but across the country as he has dedicated his life to the ownership and safe use of firearms for self-defense, competition, recreation and hunting.

While we are now one fewer in our ranks, the Nevada Firearms Coalition will continue to protect and defend the Second Amendment and Nevada’s firearms owners, just as Don would want.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Don’s family, and we will share with you when we know more of their wishes for a celebration of Don’s life.


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Thanks for sharing this, Matty. Don's passing leaves a huge hole in Nevada's 2A community. After an exemplary career as a game warden - he literally wrote the book on riverine law enforcement operations, and we are honored to have a copy in our library - Don turned his attention to the shooting sports he had competed in as a college student. He was instrumental in making a reality first the Ben Avery Shooting Complex and then The Clark County Shooting Park (later renamed from 'Park' to 'Complex' due to Nevada Law).

Fair Winds and Following Seas, Don - we in the shooting fraternity are poorer without you.


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Sorry to hear. Only met him once, very briefly. Happy to be a part of NVFAC.

hope he and his team had an opportunity to plan for the future. It’s gonna be rough, and having these folks in the fight is important.
A very great guy. Nevada's stupid gun laws would be a lot worse without the efforts from Don and his NVFAC. It was a pleasure to plan, organize and work on issues with Don. We did not always agree but I would be proud to accomplish half of what he did.

Don created NVFAC. He created Clark County Shooting complex. He was instrumental in killing the very stupid and racist Clark County blue card law.

In what way was the blue card law racist?
Maybe only culturally insensitive. :)
It was created to keep east coast people who might have been members of Italian based social groups from concealing and carrying firearms in their casinos in Clark County. Not for any NV cowboys who carried guns in the rest of the state. Please don't get in a huff here. I may be an American of Italian decent but I am a NV cowboy at heart.

Blue cards targeted certain groups and behaviors.
Just like NY's Sullivan (spelling??) Law was to keep the NY mob guys from carrying firearms. Almost all gun control laws (prior to 1994) targeted certain populations more than all gun owners.
Not so different that Jim Crow laws in the 1890s to the 1950s that targeted specific races or cultural groups.

All unequal enforcement or passing of laws to target specific groups is not constitutional.


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It was created to keep east coast people who might have been members of Italian based social groups from concealing and carrying firearms in their casinos in Clark County. .
Now that was a very politically-correct way of saying that. Made me chuckle :)