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Patriot's Day 2018 (APR 14-15) - Basic Rifle

We will be hosting a Basic Rifle clinic at CCSC in Las Vegas NV from April 14-15.

Pre-register online here:

Use code "VegasFlashSale2018APR" for a 30% discount on general admission. We always offer half off for youth, military, teachers, and EMTs. The flash sale coupon is good for a limited number of tickets and when its gone its gone. We always offer a discount to Nevada Shooters members: use code "ThanksNVShooters" for that offer.

Here's all the course info:
Rifle 125 (Basic Rifle) Overview
Prerequisites: None

Equipment: Bring 150 to 200 rounds of ammunition per day and a safe rifle. It is helpful that all ammunition be of the same type (i.e. same weight, manufacturer, etc) for this event. Our volunteers have identified several accessories that may be helpful at this type of event. Shooting will primarily be at 25 yards. We will move out to 100 yards on Sunday.

Overview: This our signature offering, based on traditional American riflecraft that teaches “Hits Count!” It is appropriate for a wide breadth of student skill levels. This course lays a sound foundation for students to shoot groups under time pressure from a variety of practical field positions. Rifle 125 includes classroom and range time learning to shoot rifles. Students learn:

Rules for safe gun handling & range rules
Rifle parts and operation & ammunition
Shooting fundamentals: Five steps to firing each shot
Natural Point of Aim
Shooting from the prone, standing and sitting/kneeling positions to include use of the sling
Introduction to Sight Adjustments and basic calculation of minutes of angle
25 Yard “Morgan’s 13” Classifier
25 Yard Rifle Qualifier
Two Day Only: Intermediate calculation of minutes of angle for precise sight adjustments at all ranges
Two Day Only: Introduction to Field Shooting, to include basic ballistics and live firing to longer distances (if the range facility permits)
Two Day Only: As time allows, there may be additional opportunities to engage in challenging competitions to include the Rifle Qualifier, Classic Carbine Qualification, Battle Rattle, and/or Field Shoot
Special: This course can satisfy the requirements for NRA Basic Rifle. If you are interested in getting credit for NRA Basic Rifle you must (1) notify the event director in advance (preferably prior to March 31) and (2) signup on the NRA website. There will be a $40 fee payable the day of class for the required NRA student packets and materials.

The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
Hear the true story of Paul Revere’s famous ride and learn about the events that immediately precipitated the Revolutionary War. Paul Revere did not ride alone – many individuals played crucial roles in the events of April 19th, 1775.

This history presentation begins with alarm riders warning “the Regulars are out!” You’ll hear about the dramatic stand on Lexington Green and the “shots heard ’round the world” at Concord’s North Bridge. The tale concludes with harrowing life-or-death choices made along the 17 mile “battle road.”

This exciting tale will be woven throughout the day’s marksmanship events.

Additional Event Information
This event will be at the Clark County Shooting Complex education center. A 22 LR rimfire is fine but you may also shoot your centerfire rifles at this facility. We will end at 4 PM on Sunday.