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Preferred barrels

Has anyone tried or has a barrel from these guys (preferred barrels) out of utah? I have seen a few video reviews and theres a thread on SH with mixed opinions but was wondering if any of you guys have had experience with them? Trying to get some nice barrels for my Howa 1500 and RAR soon.
Well I rebarreled a Howa 6.5 cm and a RAR 6.5 Grendel and other than the long waiting times I have nothing bad to say about both of those barrels, they shot great.
What tooling did you have the get for the Howa to rebarrel it (specific barrel vise, action wrench)? Also does PB have shorty 6.5CM barrels or just the 22,24,26 variety?

Viper vise and a wheeler Rem 700 action wrench. I just tapped the wrench handle with a 4lb sledgehammer and it came right off, was surprised how lil it took actually. They offer any length I think, I remember seeing on their YouTube channel that they make SBRs too.