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Pro gun club monthly AK event


Lock and Load
Hey guys didn't see anyone post about the cool event pro gun club has been doing for ak enthusiasts, and wanted to share.

One Sunday a month during the winter Progun club does a organized 2 stage timed AK shooting event. You get to run 2 stages, and your time get recorded. The stages are always different and fun. Not effiliated with progun club at all, just wanted to share. Been a few times its always cool.

Here is a video they shared, Facebook required sorry-

Its going on 2morrow starts at 10am. 30 bucks entry, and you shoot about 1-2 mags a stage. AK weapon required. Comblock hardware only, :).

During the summer it's been on Wednesday, but during winter they been doing it on Sunday early. Great gathering, and you get to train.

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Me and my sons have done the event a few times have not been back in a couple of months but hopefully we will be back next month