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Quality AK?

I’m looking into getting a AK. I have access to some different one through people I know. What is a good quality one? I’m not looking at getting the most expensive ones but what are some good manufacturers to look at? I’ve shot some before but never owned one.
Depends on your budget and if u want a rifle or pistol

Anything imported is good manufacturing:
Cugir , Arsenal , zastava, norinco , wbp

currently imports available on the market that’s more budget friendly are zastava Zpap m70 , wbp fox , wasr 10 v2 , rh 10

pistol variants you have zastava zpap m92, wbp mini jack , M+M m10p(same as draco different importer) , and draco but almost impossible to find right now .

those mentioned above are all obtainable through retail , like Atlantic, classic firearms & k-var or our LGS . Your option expands if you are buying from another person.

dono much about American mades, Personally I don’t buy them or care about them.


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Ak market is nuts right now, most are going for 1100+ since its definitely a sellers market... pretty much anything imported is fine, I'd stay away from PSA first and 2nd gen, vska or pretty much anything American made since they tend to blow up a couple thousand rounds in. Also century imports are good to go, century manufactured have a 50/50 chance of running right. Best bet cost wise would be to sign up for Atlantic firearms email notifications and hop on it soon as you can, they get a few good rifles a week in but sell out within about 45 mins, probably less tbh.


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Have experiences with 4 AK's

Saiga sporter - closest to a Russian AK made in Izmah factory, got it for $279 back in 2005. Sold it, great solid rifle. Upwards of $1500 these days due to imports ban.

Arsenal 106 rifle - canted front sight, had to bring to gunsmith to re-do gas block to make it so the windage didn't bottom out. Figure at $1200 rifle arsenal would get this right out of the factory.

Arsenal 106 Pistol - fun shooter at 8" barrel. Loud as F. Didn't like cheap russian ammo, rounds would key hole. Quality brass ammo no issues

Zastava AK pistol - great, had lots of features that resembled a kirk.

Out of the 4, I'd got with Zastava.
Zastava N-Pap is my favorite gun to shoot. It just feels solid, looks good, and I'm always surprised how accurately I can shoot it. I got it at DGS but haven't seen one there in a while. It's the only AK I've shot, except for Draco, so I guess I don't have anything to compare it too. Draco is a lot fun if you like a pistol style ak.


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I have a braced Riley Defense 10.5" pistol. Love it, never a problem with it.

Have a Century WASR-10 that was obviously assembled by a drunk monkey that day. Has been reliably rebuilt to shoot straight.


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I had a SAR-1 that I liked and never should have sold. I recently bought an I.O. AK-47 in need of some TLC.