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Questions about a MAK-90 RPK


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Hello. AK in Question

If you follow the above link, I am the highest bidder on this no law letter post sample AK. I am an 07/02 SOT.

I am no AK expert, but this appears to be a hack job conversion done on a MAK-90 sporter. The seller is in Oklahoma and most likely married to his First Cousin or Sister. Please do not hate him for he knows not what he did. He also "welded" (I am welder/machinist as well) the scope mount to the receiver.

Somebody bubba'd the foregrip with a quad rail to put bipods on it, and there is an RPK length barrel.

If I win this auction, I'd like to make this look like a real-deal RPK bullet hose.

That being said, after scouring the internet drunk for hours last night I could not find the answer to if I would have to drill/tap pistol grip hole for a sporter conversion, only people who said they had done it.

I do know the sporter stock was a way to get around the '89 import ban under Bush 41, and wanted to know what experiences some AK people on this forum may have with converting sporter stocks.

It is going to depend on what type of Mak90 it started out as. Mine are all set up for dual screws, but only one is used. Each of mine had the AK markings ground out and stenciled in the Mak90.

My friends is a single stock screw and nothing in the grip area. I believe he has a later model, which may be like the one you are looking at. The serial # "should" mean it was made in 93.