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Reloading Supplies; where can I find them? Post your finds here!!


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Hey everyone, with the world being as it is right now, finding reloading supplies takes a little work. So I figure why not start a thread for everyone to post their finds.... after you have placed your order of course :)

The links posted are in stock at the time of posting and come with no warranty as to how good or bad the vendor is so do your due diligence. I'll probably only post stuff that I find to be reasonably priced because I get tired of seeing people get f***ed on pricing. With that said, here goes....

1000 115gr 9mm $99.99 free shipping use code "LOS" 10% off that price

1000 124gr 9mm $100

1000 Win Magnum Large Rifle primers $31

1000 55gr .224 $99.99 free shipping use code "LOS" 10% off that price

500 55gr .224 $69

IMR 3031 8 lb - $184.99 after code "TAG"

.45/230gr JHP- 1,900ct CASE $365.00

Remember, friends don't let friends overpay, pass it on! (y)
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Made an order on Monday evening for 1000 115 grain 9mm fmj bullets from American Reloading . $99.99 plus free shipping. Had a 10% discount code so only $89.99. Arrived today. Looks like a good bullet.
Good deal. I buy a ton of their pulled bullets. They always have free shipping and always have codes. Every once in a while their shipping is a little slower when their volume goes up but always reliable otherwise.


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What town are you talking about?
This was at Basspro today. I think the number written is how many on hand. No clue if it’s accurate. Would be worth calling rather than wasting gas to go down there. They also had 6x100 Federal 215M LR Magnum primers and nothing else.

Haven’t been to sportsman’s in a while so can’t comment on them.

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