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Reloading Supplies; where can I find them? Post your finds here!!


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With the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You just have to gank that little bearded fellow to get them both.
As everyone knows, reloading supplies have been scarce lately, and when trying to buy primers online if you aren't on the page as soon as they are updated you miss out.

I stumbled upon a discord channel, I think it is supposed to be like reddit, but this channel gives updates for when certain reloading supplies are in stock.

There are also other channels within the discord which people talk and stuff.

I dont need any primers, brass or anything at the moment but if someone wants the link to the discord channel to get updates let me know.

Bass pro shops drops primers online almost daily sometimes 2x per day. Midsouth shooters, everglades etc. Here is a screen shot from most current drops. I almost bought 5k spp primers because I was on when it dropped but decided I didn't need them lol.

If you want the link to the discord let me know. I never used discord until this, the channel is a good resource right now for getting reloading supplies if you're looking.


I poked around in there, not sure how to make it work, for finding reloading supplies, can you PM me as well?
I do it on my phone, you just subscribe to different rooms they have. After subscribing to different rooms you can see what's being posted in there.

I just browse all the different rooms and keep eyes on the notifications. I even get them sent to my phone, so I see right when the links are posted.

Like all the online stuff right now, if you aren't fast putting it in your cart and checking out you won't get it.

Good luck 👍