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Ruger MK IV 22/45 Lite. Great gun for beginners/children.

Sooo, a simple trip to Home Depot followed by a slight detour on the way home to New Frontier for giggles gets expensive... As I passed the last counter prior to the door something purple catches my attention. Didn't even know Ruger came out with this color. Not on their site yet. Recall for the safety has been done on it from the factory. Hmmmm, this is going to open up the old wallet...

I know exactly who would want me to buy this... She wanted me to buy the MK III in blue last year but I had heard about the MK IV's coming so didn't back then.

Anyways... Between the new pistol (she didn't know about it until we got ready to shoot thus I giggled some when I saw the shirt/hat color she grabbed) and the 10/22 my youngest daughter and I ran through a 525 round box of 22lr reallllly fast Friday (the day after I bought it).

Fun times. Essentially zero hiccups with the new MK IV Lite. I had one fail to lock the bolt back after the last round happen to me and once she had a fail to correctly load (I think she didn't pull the bolt all the way back to charge it). For 400rds of 22lr through a pistol w/o issues makes me happy and the bonus once home and cleaning time started was that this handgun was darn clean! I had to work hard to find something to clean on it. lol Pretty nice that it can be torn down 100% ready to be cleaned in less than 3 seconds... (The single screw attaching the front sight was loose. I put some locktite on it and should be good. Something to watch for next time out.)




I certainly don't regret buying my MKIII lite. But I probably should have waited for the MKIV like you. Not that the disassembly bothers me in the slightest, but that safety and slide stop seem much improved without having to go aftermarket.

Hardly a time I go to the range without it. Fun little suppressed pistol.

BTW I have put this red dot on both of my MKIII's
For $20 its a steal. From what I have read, stick with the Red dots, only. Do not go with the Red/Green ones on these cheapo units and they are fine.
For the main purpose, for now, of my daughter shooting it I wouldn't change anything. I wouldn't want a really light trigger/pull for her.

With that said once she is bored and moves on to other stuff more girly like her older sister did and it becomes soley mine... I might drop in a Volquartsen accurizing kit. Never know. (I love their trigger kit in my 10/22. Huge improvement in that gun.) This isn't the target, hunter, etc and really I have no big issues with how it is. For plinking steel like we were doing the other day I'm fine with it as is. If I moved on to trying to hit dots on paper a change would need to be done... With my eyes getting older by the day I don't see me trying to hit dots with a pistol. lol

For a Ruger auto loading pistol the factory trigger is actually not that bad IMO. (I pondered the Ruger SR22 many times... That trigger is absolutely horrendous and I couldn't get past it besides the safety is backwards to me.) There is a light take-up followed by a pretty darn crisp break (just a tiny hint of grit can be felt/but not much) with no overtravel. The reset is crisp but you feel like you just moved your trigger finger inches to get to that reset. I'd guess somewhere in the upper 4lb pull weight.


Did you see the recent episode on Shooting USA with young kids shooting 22lr and a 22lr AR shooting multiple targets for the best time? I wonder if they do any of this type of shooting in NV, because it looks like a whole lot of fun for all ages.
I've seen it. Looks like a hoot. Man are those kids fast and good. I know there is a NRA sanctioned 22lr thing coming up in Vegas.

This was her first time shooting a auto 22lr pistol. She has shot a 22lr revolver several times and the 10/22. Would take a ton of trips to the desert to get her more up to speed. Would be fun though.


Sure glad you saw that episode, and some of those kids were extremely fast. Remember that 5 year old he was so fast and accurate. It is almost like a 3 gun.


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Nice looking pistol. I just haven't had that impulse buy yet. But I do want one.


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I have a couple of MkIII Lites. I love them, but am a little jealous of the MkIV. I did all the things I felt I had to to make them run. Got rid of the LCI and the mag safety, and cleaned up the trigger and put fiber optic sights on. Oh yeah, and cans on both. Pretty pricey guns by the time I was finished, so I don't want to upgrade. Darn fun to shoot.


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I wound up with the browning buck mark and a tacsol upper. Different course to a similar (albeit more expensive) outcome. Lots of good times there. Even more so with the .22 suppressor on it.
Seeing as how this one was dug back up I suppose I should update. Got a can for it back in April 2018. Added a red dot and an Volq accurizing kit with a TK Victory trigger. Also picked up a mag carrier and holster that works with the can and red dot. Can't beat it for the fun to $$ ratio that is for sure.

Ruger22-45_021.jpg Ruger22-45_036.jpg Ruger22-45_030.jpg Ruger22-45_028.jpg

Digging this thread back up lol. Anyone know where I can get a mk4 lite local? After taking my 6yo. on a range date to shoot her 10/22, she got bit by the bug and wants to go shooting everyday lol! Proud dad moment when she asked for a pistol for Christmas! Any help will be greatly appreciated!


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I wound up with the browning buck mark and a tacsol upper. Different course to a similar (albeit more expensive) outcome. Lots of good times there. Even more so with the .22 suppressor on it.
My son in law bought one, the upper receiver is the only thing with a serial number. The lower, which we have always been told is "the gun" has no serial number on it. How is that?


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Every firearm design is different. Ruger's been making their 22 pistol since 1949. The tube receiver is the upper part and is considered the firearm, much like the tube receiver of bolt-action rifles.

The AR-15 is actually the weird one, with the lower of the receivers getting the "firearm" designation (though there are legal challenges to that, but that's another story).

Indeed, the FN SCAR is the opposite. It has a lower and an upper, but it is the upper that is the "firearm" on that one.

Another example of something different is the Sig P320 series with the "firearm" being basically the trigger/hammer pack that fits inside the grip frame of your daily choosing.

I was shooting my Ruger Mk IV Lite just today for a little unwinding after a long rifle practice day. With the AAC Halcyon silencer and Remington Subsonic ammo, the only thing you really hear is a dryfire and the steel plate ringing.
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