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S&W 14-4 score

Found this when making the gun store/pawn shop rounds a couple weeks ago. Couldn't post sooner, house was in disarray from new carpet install.

No box papers or tools. It had a hang tag price of $599. I gave it a good look over and mechanically it was in great shape, looked to only be factory fired. However it has a couple cosmetic blemishes; minor scratches on the side plate and a small dot shaped spot of missing bluing and a small spot where some surface rust had started on the barrel. It has wide trigger and hammer.

After a bit of discussion about it's condition, the seller offers up $500. I said deal.

Got it home and gave is a good cleaning and worked on the cosmetic issues. A little work with Oxpho-Blue the cosmetic blemishes were greatly reduced. Now to get it out and see how she shoots.

Well I got out for the first time with the gun this morning.
Not my best effort, but the gun is certainly capable of much better performance if I do my part.
Seven yards two hands.


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I think you bought that revolver at an advantageous price. I have one like it. I can tell you that mine is very accurate; I used to shoot it in NRA Bullseye competition. That is a revolver your grandchildren will enjoy long after you have passed into memory.


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Original post back from the dead! :ROFLMAO:
OP was almost 4 years ago, but that still is one beauty of a 14, and it was at a great price.
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