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S&W model 64

Dr. Marneaus

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You suck! Thats awesome.

I love the milled barrel. Looks like somebody brought life back to a well worn service gun. It's hard to beat a 3" round butt K frame.

Wait. as far as revolvers go its IMPOSSIBLE to beat a 3" k frame round butt.


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There is some pitting on the frame being stainless it must have seen some rough service. The previous owner spent all the money on the outside but did not do anything to the inside. The inside had been bead blasted and was very rough. I stoned the frame where the trigger return slide works and stoned the slide itself. Now 3 pound single action 9 pound double action.
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The trigger return spring had been cut on both ends causing a slow inconsistent trigger return. I replaced it with a Wilson 14 pound return spring. I shot 66 rounds at 7 and 10 yards and after getting used to the trigger I really like the way the gun shoots. I especially like the Novak front sight for shooting at indoor range.