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SEB rest feet

A buddy wanted some feet that he could use his dead blow hammer on to drive them into the ground so his SEB NEO rest doesn't slide around, so I made him some that use some of the original parts but that he can hammer on and won't damage or deform the aluminum "foot" because the 12mm X 1.75 thread goes all the way through the foot and the original "top screw/adjustable screw" or whatever it is called (been turned to get rid of the sharp point) butts against (and locks them together) the lower pointy part that drives into the ground. That may be all not too clear and, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words---so here are about three thousands words' worth of pictures---first one is all the pieces that go together to make one "adjustable/poundable" foot; second one is all of the pieces put together; third one is all three of them assembled onto a SEB NEO. (the long tips are made of steel and are changeable for shorter ones if desired) I hope he likes them and that they work like he wants:



20190207_153257 B.jpg