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Service pistol with full frame, compact slide.


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So, this type of pistol is following a pattern: full size frame, 17-21 rounds, compact slide, 4 inches give or take, and, of course caliber 9x19. Model may be a Glock, Sig P320 (M18), or a 2011. There are others too. It is the only thing that matters now?
What this really tells us is that there is a tiny elite group within an elite organization that has a sh!tload of taxpayer money to spend.


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I think the Sig Sauer 365xl with the 15 round magazines would for into this group.
I’m not a hater of full frame with compact slide guns but I don’t really get them.

If it’s for concealed carry the things that make a difference for me are the length of the magazine because of that’s what prints and the width of the gun because of the space it fills in my pants waist line. The length of the slide doesn’t really matter so I may as well go with the the full size slide if you have a full size frame. What am I missing?