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Show off those Wheelguns

Here's the start of my next six gun, I finely got around to ordering one of those S&W Model 10's with no Barrel from J&G Sales.
it's a round butt 10-9, its in pretty good shape other then the import mark and a rack number stamped on it, I am going to try to file them flat so they don't stand out as bad, the barrel is a full bull Douglass I think, I found 2 of them and a .N frame .44 barrel in a junk box at a gun show some time in the late 90's, The rib is a old BO-MAR I found on Ebay years ago, The grips are a old set of Pointer Stocks but I would have to cut off the thumb rest on the left side because you would not be able to use a speed loader with it in place. I need to find some body to torque the barrel and set the gap because I don't have a lathe. I am going to order a full lug from Clark, I am going to Half bob the hammer because I like to be able to shoot it single action and do a trigger job. I also need the full length ejector rod.
I am thinking about finding another cylinder and crane to have chambered for 9MM with full moon clips. Its going to take me awhile to finish it but I have had the parts 20+ years so a little longer wont hurt.