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spare parts


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O-rings if you use them on the ejector. Ejector springs or a full ejector kit. Spare bolt, cam pin, firing pin. Full set of springs and detents should cover you. Gas rings too. When your bolt gives out completely, it will be a broken lug. IIRC, that can come around 10k.


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At a minimum the wear parts:
  • Gas rings (in sets of 3) - get a couple sets
  • Firing pin
  • Extractor kit(s)
  • Ejector kit(s)
  • Bolt (usually would go go in the 'lasts longer' category, but sometimes you get a (poop)er that shears a lug early)
Wear parts that (usually) last longer (multi thousand rounds):
  • Carrier cam pin
  • Carrier (cam pin channel wears out of spec)
  • Barrel
  • Buffer spring (yes, they wear, and sometimes break...ask me how I know :) )
Fiddly bits:
  • Full spring and detent kit
But like MAC says, one is none, two is one, etc.


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I took a few friends to Front Sight for a week in the Practical Rifle class. I supplied all their rifles, including a couple that I had milled and built from 80% lowers. One was built into a LH gun with the Stag LH kit. It included a LH upper but all the lower parts were still RH. They are a pretty cheap outfit, apparently, which will be emphasized later. Anyway, I bought separately an ambi- safety and ambi- mag release. This was just to get a rookie through a 4-day, 100-yd practical class, so I just built it with the Stag trigger parts.

On the first afternoon, the Stag trigger went down. Of course, the instructors assumed I screwed it up building it, which in their experience I'm sure is the case 96% of the time. But when I came back from the car with a new trigger in the gun in about 15 minutes, I think they were impressed.

The disconnect hook on the Stag trigger had broken off. In addition to a complete spare rifle in the car, I also had my complete AR parts box. I didn't really purposely buy spare parts (I default primarily to the backup gun principle) but I also organize and keep all the parts I've ever gotten.

Stag would not even reply to my emails to replace their failed part. I guess repeat customers is not a thing they need.


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I think I pretty much have enough parts to build a entire pistol or carbine other than a lower receiver and barrel. Not sure how many A2 grips and trigger pins I have extra of.


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What about spare barrels? What are u guys using? There alot of new cheap nitride gov. profile barrels being sold today. Was wondering around what round count do cheap barrels start to keyhole?


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I carry a spare bcg. If I need a small part I can cannabalize or replace the entire bolt if needed.

At home I bought a bunch of roll pins and springs.