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Vudoo Rimfire Series


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A group of us went up to Washington Utah yesterday to compete in the Vudoo Rimfire Series 2018 Championship. This match is a tactical style match shooting 22lr rifles in various positions and using a variety of props. The distances yesterday ranged from 25 to 465 yards. The stages were challenging not only in attempting to find a stable shooting position but at the same time acquiring and engaging multiple targets in undulating desert terrain. Most of the stages had times of over 120 seconds but even then it was a challenge to get off all of the shots available.

The prize table for the match included a new Vudoo rifle, Sig precision rifle scope, Vortex scope, various bricks of Lapua Center X ammo and a bunch of other items.

This match is a kick in the butt. It starts up again for the 2019 season in January.