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What should I get for 1st AK?

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VEPR.....or anything Hungarian. The Hungarian AKs are indestructible and the pricing is still reasonable.
The VEPR is pretty much the Cadillac of AKs.


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I would say while most of his(robski) information is good he's definitely a shill for both his and other company's and as for PSA like I said, plenty of pictures of them in pieces with detailed stories pop up when searched. I'm intentionally keeping this short to not threadjack a legitimate question with more akou/PSA hate
I put a Arsenal SAM7SF-84E on layaway with Atlantic Firearms [25% down] and so far it runs like a scalded ape.
I've had no issues with the Bulgarian magazines, grade c mystery mags from apex, magpul, and bulgarian 40rd polymers.
Finding milled furniture might be difficult without consulting a gunsmith or your local home depot for some metal files.