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What's your favorite AK?

AKs are the most popular rifle platform on earth. I have some awesome ARs and exotic rifles but at the end of the day I always come back to the AKs. 7.62x39 is where it's at for me. What's your favorite AK? I like milled receivers so for me it's Arsenal SAM7.


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Never bought one, had a prime chance when they were 250-350, back about ‘09.

still kicking myself in the butt for not doing it. Even the wife say to buy… and that price would have had zero effect every day since.


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I'm a 5.45 guy. I can never find a 762x39 gun I really over the top like and I have shot plenty. Now 545 guns on the other hand ... now you are talking my language


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I’ve had a couple come and go. Never really liked any of them. Heavy, hard to add optics to cleanly, higher drag battery of arms. Doesn’t do anything a good AR15 can’t do for 99% of people. And I’m kinda meh about the AR too, but as far as a utilitarian tool goes the AR beats out an AK in my eyes.

Edit - and an AK doesn’t lend it self to suppression easily.
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Have a bunch currently...
1) Arsenal SGL-31 in OD green (7.62x39)
2) Arsenal SGL-21 in Plum (5.45x39)
3) Chinese Type 56 wood with Jim Fuller sight mod(7.62x39)
4) Century Arms Draco pistol (7.62x39)
5) Saiga 12 unconverted (12 gauge)
Anything Russian in origin, completely rebuilt by Krebs Custom.

Have owned and mostly sold a couple of dozen AK's over the years, the best built, cleanest, and most accurate ones have been built by Krebs.
Have 2 in my safe that are keepers.