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What's your favorite AK?


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Currently have a Riley Defense 10.5" pistol love it. Have had a couple over the years, this one's by far my favorite.


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I love aks that I'm willing to trade my clone colt m4a1 block2 whatever the closest you will get to clone, clonest.... for a slr104fr..
I'm a 5.45 guy. I can never find a 762x39 gun I really over the top like and I have shot plenty. Now 545 guns on the other hand ... now you are talking my language
I’ve had a couple come and go. Never really liked any of them. Heavy, hard to add optics to cleanly, higher drag battery of arms. Doesn’t do anything a good AR15 can’t do for 99% of people. And I’m kinda meh about the AR too, but as far as a utilitarian tool goes the AR beats out an AK in my eyes.

Edit - and an AK doesn’t lend it self to suppression easily.
I remember 40yrs ago, an ad in Solders of Fortune, saying 70 Commies can be wrong.
I am new to AKs and recently bought a zastava m70. I am looking forward to taking it out to the range soon.
Previously I have been shooting SKS and the m70 feels really good. I will know more after range day.
AKs are awesome - heavier than ARs but they just run. 5.45 > 7.62*39. All are great (not so sure about all the new American made - PSA premium line might be worth considering but idon't have one so wouldn't know). Favs are imports - VEPR, Saiga, Chinese MAK90 and Arsenals; pistols Arsenal, Draco and Yugo M92s unless u go custom (life Rifle Dynamics or M13 Industries etc) . And don't count out the 2nd gen Romanian WASRs (1st batch were a little sketchy - run but sights off and stuff like that) - they are a beast - run and run. Zastava also very nice - refined (love the button it has that u have to push to open the dust cover - unique). Weight is a big factor. Some are great but heavy - like VEPRs - so can't really outfit too much otherwise will be even more heavy. WASRs and ARsenal light weight so can outfit more and be ok. It gets addicting bc though similar they are all a bit different and slowly u just want em all.

Just don't like the fact that they don't come with rails on top to put optics... side rail is there but u need the mount and slowly starts getting heavy. New PSA AKvs seem to come with them so good. Maybe the new stuff will come with dust covers with rails and someway to keep em steady so maintains zero. The OG stuff usually need the side mount